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Welcome to Christ Central

Welcome to Christ Central & Elvanto

We use Elvanto for our database and Church service planning system.

Please have a look around and get in touch if you have any questions or queries.


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Sunday Morning Meetings during coronavirus pandemic

Sunday Morning Meetings:
The Comedy Store have taken the decision to cancel their events in order to comply with this advice.  We agree that this is best practise in order to protect people, and in order to slow the spread and ease the burden on the NHS etc.
Consequently we will not be meeting at the Comedy Store on Sunday mornings, effective immediately and until further notice.
We will be making use of live streaming in order to continue our gatherings.  We believe that there is still power in coming together in this way and that God will still be speaking to us throughout this time.  So please do join us on Facebook at 10.30am if you are able: www.facebook.com/christcentraluk
On Sundays we will have a playlist of worship songs, available from 10.30am, and we are going live with any updates and our Sunday talk at 11am.
Parents, please check your inbox for an email as we will be issuing activities which you can do with your children at home.
Community Groups:
We have asked community group leaders to continue to be in contact with their groups on the usual midweek evenings, by use of video conferencing services.  Your Community Group leader will be in touch with details, and may switch you to a weekly meeting.
Other meetings:
We have also cancelled our upcoming church lunch (29th March) and hub/church prayer meetings until further notice.  We will be advising on other upcoming events as this period of social distancing continues.
What to do if you are unwell or need help while isolating:
Christ Central is a church built on the love of Christ, and it's a wonderful church to be a part of, whatever season we are in together.  We pray that this period of time is an opportunity to grow even more in love for one another, as we find new ways to pray, greet, teach, encourage, and bear with one another.
God bless
Keith, Matt & Jason

Info for Sunday Servers

Hi Sunday Servers

If you are logging in for the first time and can't see your rota, please contact the office so we can alter your access permissions.



Christ Central Admin Team